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Presented By Ashley Mansour
Only 200 Seats Available


Presented By Ashley Mansour
Only 200 Seats Available


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The #1 business asset that will help you become THE leading expert to work with, skyrocket your authority, and set yourself apart from the competition faster than you can ever imagine.

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How you can transform your knowledge and expertise into a bestselling book in as little as 90 days - WITHOUT being frustrated with research, not knowing what to write, or taking valuable time away from your business and your family.

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One simple strategy to help you leverage your book as an evergreen SALES MACHINE to drive a flood of consistent premium leads, new revenue opportunities and high paying clients your way! 


Ashley Mansour is a book strategist, writing coach, and the author of two #1 Amazon Bestsellers. She is the founder and CEO of LA Writing Coach, which serves clients all over the United States and internationally. She has over nine years of experience in entertainment and digital media working as a writer, executive and award-winning film producer. 

Her work has been featured on KTLA, FOX, Beyond 50 Radio, and in publications such as People Magazine, Nylon, Rolling Stone, and The Huffington Post.

Ashley teaches entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, & business owners how to build their expert profile, make an impact with their audience, and grow their business beyond 6-figures through the power of their book. Her coaching, bestselling books, and programs help her clients become accomplished authors and finish their first book in just 90 days.

Ashley’s clients achieve rapid transformation in her programs and learn the strategies and systems necessary to become a faster, better writer and a more influential entrepreneur virtually overnight. Her proprietary methodology – The TAP Method – shared in her #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Writer’s Success Code, and her Profitable Book Formula, have helped hundreds of people with their books and countless others become successful storytellers for the very first time.
See What Others Are Saying
“Ashley is a powerful book coach with a totally unique methodology that takes aspiring authors from idea to bestseller. She gets results for her clients and helps them achieve breakthroughs in their mindsets and create amazing, profitable and bestselling books!”
CEO of Inc. 500's #1 Fastest Growing Business & Personal Development Coaching Company in America in 2020
“Ashley shows up with an entirely different box of tools and a way to get your book completed... all I have to say is hire Ashley!”
President and Chief of Strategy, Frank & Maven Marketing, 
#1 Bestselling Author of The Maven Marketer
“Ashley gave me the opportunity to learn her TAP Program and it was a game changer for me!... The proven methodology she has in her program, really gives you the framework to have the outcome you want and will be proud of... If you are considering working with Ashley, I would say two things, firstly, do it, and secondly... if you're still not convinced, call me and I will talk you into it!”
Chief Executive Officer, JMark Business Solutions, Inc. 
Inc. 5000's Fastest Growing Business Private Companies in America for 9 years,
#1 Bestselling Author of Adapt or Die
“I have been trying to write a memoir for about five years off and on. Before working with Ashley, this book was running around in my head... I didn't even know for sure that it was a book. But the process helped me discover, write and publish the book!”

“There were two things that were particularly useful to me in the way they were combined. The first was Ashley’s obvious technical skills... the other was she was schooled in mindset... Ashley’s mindset training is really helpful!"
Founder of Fintech Advocate Consulting, Ranked 2017 Power Women in Fintech by Innovate Finance, Ex Senator of Maine, 
#1 Bestselling Author of On the Path to Justice
“For literally three or four years, I've wanted to write a book.. But truthfully, it just wasn't coming together in the way that I wanted it to... I reached out to Ashley and immediately knew she was the person that I wanted on my journey to help write my book... my time spent with her literally changed my perspective on what it means to be a writer, it helped me in my growth as somebody who can translate the things that are in my mind, into the words on the page and truthfully the book that I have and the book that I've written,  is literally far beyond the expectation that I had a personally for myself.”
Chief Executive Officer, Bridge Turnkey Investments Inc.     
Inc. 5000's Fastest Growing Business Private Companies in America
“Ashley gets results!”

“I will absolutely work with her again on all of my books. I would highly recommend her to any single person who wants to write a book. And the best thing is, Ashley gets results! Definitely work with Ashley!” 
Founder of Arrive At Happy, 
#1 Bestselling Author of Be a Happy Leader
“I landed my first high-paying client of $3200!” 

“Ashley helped me FINALLY create the book I have wanted to write my entire life. Creating this book with Ashley helped me grow in confidence as a writer AND helped me grow my coaching business! In our first 3 months together, I landed my first high-paying client of $3200!”
Business Owner and Neuro Transformational Life Coach, 
#1 Bestselling Author of Uncaged
“It felt really easy to write this book. Much easier than I had ever expected!” 

I was immediately impressed with Ashley’s TAP Method and her regimented plan. We started working together and I immediately felt like I had a clear path and direction for the book. It felt really easy to write this book.  After just 8 weeks of writing I had a complete manuscript that I am incredibly proud of. Her process is BULLETPROOF! Her feedback is thorough and thoughtful and not only did she help get my book written, she helped me create exactly the book that I wanted!” 
Financial Advisor, Contributing Writer for Forbes
“What's amazing about working with Ashley in writing a book is she starts with the most important thing… MINDSET!!” 

“Ashley knows her stuff. She's got a process. She’s got a method. And I'm an engineer, so I need to know that if somebody is going to teach me, they know what they're doing. 

The craziest thing is that I had finished writing my book, 48,000 words in 6 WEEKS! For a girl who didn't know that she wanted to write a book, she didn't think she was a writer, she didn't think she could do that, but with Ashley’s help, I was able to do that.

She's not only the best because of all the talent, the quality, or process, but because she understands MINDSET. You’ll have all the tools and she's going to make you the best person in the world.” 
#1 Bestselling Author of How to be Human in a Technical World
“Ashley pushed me outside of my comfort zone and she challenged me. She kept me accountable and I will say she is textbook under promise, over deliver.” 

“My book shot up as #1 Amazon bestseller in several categories in less than 24 hours!...  I had explored different avenues on how I was going to tackle completing the book... with ghostwriters and other editors and publishers. Ashley took the time to understand what my goals were right off the bat. She knew what was important to me and helped remind me why we did this in the first place and what our goals were.  Understanding and seeing that she had a personal vested interest in it really helped me feel comfortable knowing that she would help me accomplish my goal. 

The process of writing a book is such a personal journey and having someone that is alongside you as your cheerleader and your coach is important, and that's what I felt when I worked with Ashley.” 
#1 Bestselling Author of The Brave Who Crossed the Sea
“Ashley was my last hope at making my dream of being an author come true. I took classes in college, read the how-to books, had the pinterest-worthy setup and plan, but could NOT finish a manuscript. If Ashley couldn’t get me there, I was done pursuing writing as a career.” 

“Ashley got me there in 4 MONTHS! A concept I’d been working on for eight years was completely scrapped and written, beginning to end, in just four months! Every time I talked to Ashley I was encouraged and fired up to keep going. No idea was a bad idea. Even when I missed deadlines, I didn’t feel discouraged because I was making more progress than ever before. Her method is pure genius and foolproof if you stick to it! 

Ashley knows what passion looks like and she will be just as passionate for you and your work of art! I am forever indebted to her for unleashing the fearless writer I was always meant to be.”
“I never would have gotten this far with my book and so quickly if it wasn’t for Ashley and her methodology.” 

“Ashley is an outstanding coach. Because of her I finished my first draft of 60,000 words in 8 weeks! It feels incredible! I never would have gotten this far with my book and so quickly if it wasn’t for Ashley and her methodology.”
“I was able to complete my manuscript in less than 5 weeks!”

“Before I worked with Ashley and took her TAP Method program I had been trying to write my book for 2.5 years. I was almost convinced I should give up on my book all together. Ashley and her course turned everything around for me. I was able to complete my manuscript in less than 5 weeks! 
I don’t think I’d have come so far so fast without Ashley in my corner and every step along the way. Without Ashley and the TAP Method, I’d still be hoping to finish my book.” 
Author of Fantastic America

“The TAP method gives you a perspective on time and a much deeper, purposeful view on accountability, and the process puts it all together into a plan that you can see how you’re going to write your book in 60 days!” 
“The TAP Method is genius especially if you’re a first-time author!”

“I love the fact that she started off with the mindset, being able to overcome any fears or doubts. And then from there, it was just a step-by-step process, and I completed my book in less than 90 days! I never thought I'd be able to say that. It was the most amazing experience ever. Ashley was nothing but amazing! She helped me through it step-by-step. Just the idea of having someone that sees the vision that I see was really important to me.” 
“What’s unique about the TAP Method is... it puts the focus more on things that you can control completely and it just makes it less daunting and really helps you take yourself out of the craft and get it done.”

“Before I started working with Ashley, I was stuck. I’d been writing for probably a year. After I decided to work with Ashley and learned her TAP Method, I wrote the whole thing in less than four weeks! So if that’s not a testament to the TAP Method, I don’t know what is.

I decided to work with Ashley because what I was doing wasn’t working. The biggest difference in coaching with Ashley is, for one, you have a cheerleader cheering you on the whole time. Also, you have a set schedule that helps you keep on track.

If I can write my 80,000 word novel in less than four weeks, you can write yours too!” 
“I could never have reached bestseller status without Ashley!”

“Having Ashley and her team made everything possible in completing my book and getting a #1 Amazon Bestseller!”
Retired Army Colonel, 
#1 Bestselling Author of The Perfect Free Throw
“If somebody were to say how did you write a book in less than 90 days?... I would say… because I followed the TAP Method ... and I think those modalities helped someone like myself, who would have probably never ever written 20 chapters about how to help students not be in pain to get a degree … and you need to get yourself some Ashley because that’s what I did!”
Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, at Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions
“Ashley Mansour is the real deal. I hit #1 Bestseller in 4 categories on the first day in pre-launch... and had a draft manuscript in under 40 hours. Her programs are 100% legit and highly recommend her and her team who did a phenomenally great job!”
#1 Bestselling Author of Unleashed
“Ashley has challenged me. She's given me some new tools in my tool belt... and you know, made me better through this process.”

“The other beautiful thing about Ashley that really made me want to invest in her and her services is knowing that she's a mindset coach as well, because most of you guys know a lot of whatever it is that you do is battling the mental conversation that happens within yourself. 

I knew that I needed somebody to hold me accountable and to help me with the structure of the book and to help bring my ideas to life, but also give me reassurance along the way.”
Author & Entrepreneur
#1 Bestselling Author of The Bold Life
“Ashley helped me write my book and create a #1 bestseller in just 90 days!”

“Ashley’s system and coaching carried me through that process. She really helped me tap into the intuition around the methodology, the book content, the vision for the book -- and it became more than just a book but a business tool. She could handle everything I gave her and was a phenomenal coach to work with. If you're thinking of writing a book, don't hesitate to invest in Ashley's programs!
#1 Bestselling Author of The Mid-Life Makeover Method
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